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1st December, St Columbas Church, Knightsbridge

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Each year, we organise a Sleepout to raise awareness about the conditions faced by London's rough sleepers, and to raise the funds we need to keep up our vital work.


OVER 1000 GUESTS SUPPORTED at our drop in

More than 1000 people have have enjoyed a hot meal, warm safe space, plus resources and advice on a Friday night.

42 new one to one cases taken on this quarter

From navigating finding housing to learning new skills, accessing therapy, and finding work, we have capacity to support longer term and in depth across the year

over 300 places on programmes and courses per year

Support available from groups focused on learning and personal development in the areas of sport, fitness, mental health, personal development and employabilty throughout each year

Digital support available as needed

Whether it's laptops that can be used in our offices, or phones and sims to take away, we offer support at the point of need


Restart’s primary aim is to help homeless people move from surviving, through coping, adapting and changing, to thriving.

Our interventions are informed by the role that finding and keeping work can play in helping guests move towards self-support.

We offer holistic support from physical and mental health programmes, to courses that provide iformation and support on finding the right career, applying, and keeping your job, online resources, and one to one support.

Our Friday night drop in is at the heart of our community, a safe and inclusive space to enjoy food, build relationships, and access support.


Whether you have time to give as a volunteer, can offer a one off donation, or agree to give regularly, we would love to welcome you into the RESTART community.


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