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Whether you can donate your time and expertise, or lend financial support, we'd love to welcome you to the RESTART community

Volunteer with us

Whether you have lots of time to give regularly, or just a bit now and then, it would make the world of difference to have you on board.

We are looking for generalist volunteers,  as well as experts in the areas of housing law, and mental health.

Volunteers do things like serve food at the drop in, chat to homeless guests and find out their needs, and some become specialist mentors who work more closely to provide support.

Food Donation

Become a Friend of RESTART

Giving regularly allows us to plan ahead, and ensures that we can continue to offer the services that work well for the homeless community we serve.

Sustained support is the key thing that our service users need, and by becoming a Friend of RESTART, and giving regularly, you allow us to keep up the lifechanging work we do.

You can become a Friend if you have £4 or more to pledge.

Food Donation
Hands Up
Hands Up

Donate now

Any one off sum you are generous enough to give makes a huge difference to what RESTART can offer.

We read all the kind messages that come in with JustGiving donations, so do tell us who you are and why you're supporting us.

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