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Employability Programme

Taught modules, one to one support

RESTART runs courses aimed at supporting homeless people, or those at risk of homelessness, throughout the year. These courses consist of eight sessions, with a one week break in the middle, and two more weeks of follow up talking groups.


They are further supported by online resources and a package of employment related video content here on our website.

The sessions and resources are aimed at imparting the knowledge frameworks and key skills that are vital to gaining and keeping employment, as well as creating the mental and physical health foundations necessary to take steps on this journey. Across the course, there are meet and greets with employers, recruiters and other organisations that can support the application process.

Image by Matthew Osborn


Eight weeks of sessions delivered by RESTART Lives staff as well as external expert speakers, supported by volunteers and supplemented by online resources.

For those currently homeless, recovering from homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless.


Routes into work:

First steps

Hear about some of the sectors you could work in, the skills you'll need to be successful in your applications as well as the skills you'll learn on the job.

Make your personal progress pathway, and learn tips and tricks to stay on track with managing your time, breaking down tasks, and getting where you want to go.


Applications, Cover Letters and CVs

AND/OR construction site visit

Get to grips with what you'll need to do to apply and take away helpful templates to get you started. Led by world-leading recruitment expert, and co-founder of Charta Partners Michelle Rosenbauer.

If you're interested in the manual/construction route, learn more about the specific application process and training and visit a site to see if the job might be right for you.


Classic interview questions and practice your skills

Get insider info on the types of questions that tend to come up at interview, and start planning answers to give you the confidence to do your best. Practice interviews in realistic scenarios with experts from different hiring teams.


Chat Group

An opportunity to get together and talk about how your journey is going, and how you're feeling about that, as well as to get support on guidance on feeling good while trying to progress.


Managing Money

Learn from banking experts how to budget and make the most of the money you have.


Healthy Habits, Sleeping, Eating and Thinking Well

How you feel and how you look after yourself create a crucial backdrop to how well you're able to do in your search for work and in your job. Learn from experts how to create a better backdrop for success.


Handling work relationships and being a team player

Join Business and Management expert, Kate Cooper, as she leads you through a session on who you can be at work, and how you can relate to others most effectively there.



Careers Fair

Meet our employer partners and recruiters to find out more about whether roles with them might suit you, and how to take the next steps. Sign up there and then to apply or go away and think about what you heard.


Chat Group

Join a chat group with the friendly RESTART staff and volunteers you know, and mental health specialists, to share your thoughts and feelings on the course, your progress and next steps.

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