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Sports sessions designed to support physical and mental health

The Restore programme is a key part of the wraparound support that Restart offers as a foundation to positive concrete outcomes for guests in areas like employment and housing. We believe that without a body and mind that are as healthy and well cared for as possible, it's going to be hard to take positive steps for yourself or maintain those positive steps. Often, taking care of your own health and wellbeing can be a first step towards taking bigger positive steps and believing you are worth the effort, time and attention.

In the Summer months, Restart Lives runs football sessions weekly on Wednesday afternoons on the Hyde Park Football pitches.

In the Winter months, Restart Lives runs boxing sessions at a Hammersmith gym, weekly on Wednesday afternoons.

Restart accepts referrals from other charities and organisations. Contact Programmes Executive, Nathan by emailing with questions or to enrol.

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