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Wellbeing programmes

Sports sessions designed to support physical and mental health

RESTART runs fortnightly sports sessions aimed at improving mental and physical health, creating the right background to break the cycle of homelessness, or to feel better whatever situation you find yourself in.

We run Men's Football, Women's Fitness and Mixed Tennis. If you enjoy the sessions you take part in, we can facilitate you starting a team in a league, or joining a team, or even training as a sports/fitness coach.

Image by Manuel Navarro
Image by Chino Rocha

Group tennis sessions with the possibility to progress to a tennis league or even train to become a coach.

Fortnightly start date tbc.


Football Training on Astroturf


Drills and skills, with the possibility of matches, joining a team or starting a new one. If you're good and keen and ready for work, there are opporunities available to train as a coach.

Fortnightly From April 2023.

Hip Hop Class


Group sessions from a trained fitness coach for women only with the possibility of training as a coach yourself.

Fortnightly from April 2023.

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