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Become a Friend of RESTART

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Be a friend to those in need by making regular donations

Play your part in restarting lives, by offering a monthly donation to RESTART.

Whether you are able to buy one less coffee a month, or happy to give much more, by giving regularly you will have a positive impact on the lives of London's homeless community.

The amount you give enables us to run ever more programmes aimed at ending the cycle of homelessness through knowledge and skill sharing, access to employers, as well as mental health support in everything we do.

In 2023 we are bringing a team of mental health professionals on board to make sure that everything we do supports our guests' personal development, giving them the best possible chance of finding and keeping work. While our drop in has always run every week, this year we are also scaling up the more focused programmes we run, offering sessions every single week, and creating a package of online resources to make sure our services are available whenever and wherever they are needed. Your regular donations make all of this possible.

Choose your giving plan

Donate Regularly

The plans below will be available from April 2023, but for now visit our JustGiving Page to input any amount and select the option to donate regularly.

Best Value

The Cost of a Coffee



Every month

If you can forego one coffee a month you can support RESTART

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Sharing What You Can



Every month

Just think what difference £50 a month could make

Valid until canceled

Best Value

Be The Change



Every month

Some vital programmes cost just a few thousand pounds to run

Valid until canceled

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